Call the Midwife Call the Midwife

Have you seen it yet? It's insanely good.  You can watch season one on this blog  here  and season two on pbs  here  if you haven't ...

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The First Campfire of 2013 The First Campfire of 2013

It went down last night.  It included hot dogs, and s'mores, and more watermelon than we could ever possibly consume. And all it did was...

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Favorite Things Party Favorite Things Party

A throwback to that lovely time when spring meant having an outdoor favorite things party with friends.  Can everyone please move back here ...

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Fat Talk Fat Talk

“Fat talk is damaging. Period. For the person saying it. And for those who are forced to hear it. And because we cannot know how damagi...

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Our Last Five Days... Our Last Five Days...

...have been spent soaking up as much of Ryan's parents as possible. The last time they were in Utah was four years ago.  So we have a s...

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